Stanford University Class of 2019 Ph.D. Biophysics, Ron Dror Group

UC San Diego Class of 2014 B.S. Bioinformatics, Minor in Mathematics

Biochemistry, physical chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, organic chemistry, algorithms, statistics, bioinformatics, numerical analysis, linear algebra and more

Graduate-level computational chemistry, physical chemistry, and numerical methods

Computer Skills

Languages:   C, Python, C++, Bash, LaTeX, FORTRAN, Perl, Java, mySQL

Software:   AMBER, Maestro, VMD, Gaussian, GAMESS, ADF, many others

Libraries:   netCDF, video4Linux, OpenMP, MPI, CUDA, PyTorch, OpenCV


2019-present  insitro Research Engineer

2018-2019  Various startups   Consulting projects related to molecular dynamics simulation and lead optimization

2011-2014  San Diego Supercomputer Center  Member of the Walker Molecular Dynamics Lab, developer for AMBER MD software

2013  Amgen Scholars Program  Worked with Dr. Simpson Joseph to perform FRET analysis of influenza and host protein interaction

2012-2013  Pfizer, Inc  Cataloged protein-ligand interactions into searchable database for evaluating reliability of docked poses for potential drug molecules

2010-2011  Calit2  Programmer for Scalable City experimental game project

2010  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  Created mathematical model of ocean temperatures to predict coral reef bleaching location and severity


2018  Computational Analysis of Biological Information  Stanford  Teaching Assistant

2016  Robot Programming  Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute  Teaching Assistant

2015  Physical Biology of the Cell  Stanford  Teaching Assistant

2015  Cell Biology  UC San Diego  Teaching Assistant

2013  Bioinformatics Algorithms Coursera  Coursera  Community Teaching Assistant

2013  Metabolic Biochemistry  UC San Diego  Teaching Assistant

2012  Molecular Biology  UC San Diego  Teaching Assistant


  • Top 3 Posters, Stanford Bio-X Symposium  2018
  • Best Talk, Stanford Chem-H retreat  2018
  • NVIDIA Fellow  2017
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellow  2014
  • DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow (declined)  2014
  • Best Paper and Best Presentation, IEEE SE-CSE  2013
  • Amgen Scholar  2013
  • Calit2 Undergraduate Fellow
  • IEEExtreme Programming Competition
  • NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing