New Website

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After many years of ignoring my Wordpress blog, I have finally migrated it to my domain. This will probably mess up my accidental SEO (I had the #1 hit on Google for “repair ipod database linux”), but is much, much more maintainable and hopefully accessible too.

I really hate web design, so I used Octopress as the overall framework for the website. Octopress is built on Jekyll, a framework for creating static content-aware sites. In theory to add a new post I just write some markdown.

I created the site theme myself. The blurb at the top is a modified version of ShinyToyLabs' jargon generator which I think is hilarious. I will put more science words in there soon.

For the curious, my domain name is from NameCheap, and the hosting is on NearlyFreeSpeech. I love them for hosting because they are super cheap, and have great docs.